Cathy Rivers


After spending several years honing he style as a singer -songwriter in a wide array of bands, and after supporting and promoting successful artists, Cathy Rivers has cultivated her own experiences in to a unique style of songwriting that brings a fresh perspective to American music. Her first full-length record "Bleached" will certainly earn her a spot alongside other great singer-songwriters like Steve Earle or Lucinds Williams.

Cathy Rivers is a story teller. Like the tattoos that color her arms, her songs paint pictures about who she is, where she has been, and the things that bring meaning to her life. In the same way that Lucinda Williams' " Car Wheels on a Gravel Road" conjures images of Southern life, Rivers' " Bleached" is loaded with narrative songs that evoke feelings of the hope and despair of living in the desert Southwest, the place that Cathy calls home. While songs of sex, vice, loss etc are all well covered territory, she offers a unique, womans perspective. The songs are hard edged, razor sharp, but expose a vulnerability and bitter truthfulness that most female singer-songwriters aren't willing to confront.

Bleached is a boundary defying record that is steeped in country roots, but incorporates the raw energy of punk rock, pop sensibilties, and a lazy, desert blues sound- it runs the gambit of American styles. The varying sounds are tied together by Rivers stand out vocals that defy immediate comparison to other women in the genre, but that certainly bring a fresh voice to Americana music.